Ontario PC KSH Local Constitution – Summary of Changes


When a new riding association is created (typically as a result of redistribution) it is automatically assigned the model constitution provided by the PC Party. The model constitution is designed to be a transitional document to allow for board participation by members of two (or more) riding associations to come together to initially form the new association.

Consultation and Timeline

It is expected the new association will develop a new local constitution that meets the specific local needs. The following changes were developed as a result of three levels of consultation.

February and March – Meetings with the KSH constitution committee to discuss ideas and practices.

June - Meeting with our current MPP, Officers and the Regional Vice President May to discuss proposed changes.

July – Approval by Ontario PC Provincial Executive committee.

Informal consultations were also conducted to adapt common practices to ensure acceptance by the Provincial Executive.

Documents from the KSH Federal Conservative EDA and the Kitchener-Conestoga PC Association were reviewed and used as reference documents.

Summary of Changes

Changes have been highlighted in red in the attached copy. A summary of the rationale for the changes are below –

Section #3 – Objects

  • To provide clarity about the purpose of the association

Section #5 – Executive

  • To reduce the number of directors and officers to a maximum of 20 (reduced from up to 34) in order to be able to achieve quorum
  • To formally define and limit the number of Out of Riding Directors
  • To provide clarity on election process

Section #6 – Executive Elections – Nominations

  • To ensure nominations for positions can be taken in advance or from the floor

Section #7 – Appointment of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ex-officio roles and removal

  • Recent changes to the Elections Act have imposed severe financial and other penalties for non-compliance. This section will allow the Executive to appoint a qualified CFO
  • Clarification regarding participation rights by ex-officio Directors
  • Process for automatic vacancy and a removal process for those not supporting the objects of the local association (adapted from the KSH Federal EDA local constitution)

Section #10 – Meetings of the Executive

  • Clarity on quorum
  • Formally allowing for meetings to occur using teleconference and voting by email

Section #13 – Timing of the AGM

  • Moving the date of the AGM to align with new Elections Ontario annual reporting requirements to ensure a financial report from the most recent fiscal year
  • Allowing for an extension on the AGM date in an election year